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Businesses, organizations, and schools, all over the world, use FirstMagic to publish websites, blogs, portfolios, streaming media channels, and Digital Signs.




It has never been easier to create and distribute ownership of websites. Make one for every stakeholder, a space for every teacher, a portfolio for every student... FirstMagic scales with FirstClass; if you have ten thousand users, you can have ten thousand sites... Or more.


Your FirstClass Server is the back end - FirstMagic's data repository. The front end can be whatever your organization needs it to be; FCWS, FirstClass Go, or the FirstClass Client, all can make FirstMagic web pages, though you will not need these apps: if your policy allows, End Users can simply sign onto their sites and publish right there, directly on their web pages, using their own browsers. No other software needed.


Design vibrant websites with ease

Implement your organizationĀ“s branding and design guidelines, and these will govern all aspects of site appearance - inside and outside the Login Wall.


Website Owners and End Users can use the built in SkinDesigner to create their own Design Themes - simply by point-and-click. Or, choose a ready to use Theme from a library of 40 built in Themes. Make available only specific Design Themes for their use, or enforce your brand server wide: control is granular and easy.


Design Themes


There are no limitations: a FirstMagic website will look like anything you can imagine. FirstMagic Themes are clean, well-documented CSS that any professional Web Designer can read and write.


Bring your old content with you

Do you have existing FirstClass web pages, conferences or personal sites? FirstMagic generates pages, headers, menus, sidebars, footers, tickers, galleries - even the Homepage itself - dynamically. Use your organization's existing FirstClass content exactly as is, or mix it with FirstMagic Layouts to publish Blogs, Galleries, Media Channels, Portfolios, Forums, Calendars, Digital Signs... ItĀ“s drag-and-drop simple.


Engage your audience
Make custom Web Response Forms on the fly: there's no FirstClass Designer, no coding, no Perl or PHP. End Users can point-and-click to create them, right in their browsers - and publish immediately.


FirstMagic ships with ready-made, plug & play Social Media widgets for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, Flickr, and much more: it's a single click to connect any page with your organization's  favorite channel. It works the other way around, too: allow anybody to embed your content in their own websites - just by grabbing a FirstMagic Tag from your pages.


Add commenting to any page or blog, set up a public forum anywhere, push your content to iTunes, to RSS Readers, to third-party apps and calendars - even onto other web publishing solutions - automatically.

Expand the reach of your Intranet

FirstMagic also brings intranet publishing to the web: End Users that signs into your sites will get personalized Homepages with shortcuts to the content that is important to them. FirstClass conferences becomes beautiful, user-friendly web pages, still protected by your Privileges and Groups.

Make accessible & responsive websites

 FirstMagic websites will work on any OS, on any modern device, from desktops to cellphones to tablets. They are HTML5 native, fully responsive, and WCAG 2.0 compliant out of the box.


Assistive Tools for the visually impaired allows your visitors to scale and change fonts and contrast. A secondary Printable Interface is opt-in anywhere, opt-out anywhere, and offers a simplified, browsable version of all pages. Printouts are formatted for optimal readability and is stamped with both QR codes and human-readable back-links.


Screen Readers are supported, and the Tingwo plugin [an optional, commercial subscription] offers in-page, real-time text-to-speech in many languages and dialects.


SEO: take the frustration out of Search Engine Optimization

FirstMagic makes semantic, Search Engine-friendly URLs automatically from your page titles, and individual page keywords and URL fragments can be modified easily and instantly.


FirstMagic provides modern, secure, and easy to navigate websites. Management is a snap. Create public facing as well as protected Web Portals - easily. Manage these secure sites without any programming skills, and without the need for a WebMaster.

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